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With Funnelytics you can create detailed models and forecasts of your funnels to get the critical insight into your projects and business needed to make smart decisions


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How funnelytics works.

Model your funnel or forecast a new funnel by simply dragging and dropping the different traffic and conversion cards onto the work space.


Choose funnel templates

You can also choose a template from predefined sets


Compare funnel

Discover which funnel type would best work for you and give you the highest ROI with the resources you have.


Real time Reporting

Watch in real-time as you can see the effects of adding a new upsell, changing the conversion rate or changing the traffic flow into the funnel.

A Simplified Way Of Modeling & Forecasting Your Funnels Before You Spend Any Time or Money Creating Laborious Funnels.

Easy To Use & Offers Actionable Insight To Increase Your ROI. A Few Reasons To Sign Up Now.

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Create Unlimited Funnels & Forecasting Models

Use the existing funnel templates to try out new scenarios and ideas for your business.

Analyse client or competitor funnels to see how you can improve yours.

Discover key levers in your business you can improve without spending too much time, money and resources.

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Start Using Real Data Not Hunches

(Please see disclaimer For Data Calculations)

Stop guessing if your funnels will work & use actual data to see how your funnel could work


Make better decisions in your business

Compare Reports

See side by side how different funnel strategies could turn out and choose the scenario that best fits your current resources.

Forecasting Funnels

Create hypothetical funnels before you actually create them to see if they will be profitable.

Actionable Data

Find out where the week points are in your existing funnels and where you can maximise your ROI.

Create Reports

Project forwards 1, 3, 6, 12 months or as you wish to model your funnels.

Create Multiple Scenarios

Create an unlimited number of funnels to check different scenarios and how they could affect your return on investment.

Discover Hidden Strategies

Find funnel strategies in one of our many templates that you may not have thought of to maximise your profits. Or even when you are playing about with different strategies by creating your own without spending any money in advance.

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Frequently asked questions

How does the 14- day trial work?

Just sign up and you get to try out the application without any restrictions for a full 14 days. If you decide to continue you don’t need to do anything. You’ll be automatically charged for the next period and your subscription will start

What if I want to cancel?

Cancelling is easy. Just go to your account settings and click on cancel membership. Your membership will then be cancelled.

What if there is a problem?

If there’s ever a problem our support team will do everything to help you resolve this. Simply email us at [email protected]

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